October 2, 2012


Warm Up: Dynamic Warm Up

Strength: Squats have been moved back to Thursday this week

WOD: 300 yd Shuttle Test
You will perform 8, 300yd Shuttles. that's 50 yards down and back 3 times. Before the WOD starts you will pick a Group to run with. Pick your group based on your running ability. Strong runners will want to go with the first group. The higher the group, the shorter your time will be to complete the run, but the lower groups will also have shorter rest times.

Group 1: 60 seconds to finish / 3:00 minutes to rest
Group 2: 65 Seconds to finish/ 2:55 minutes to rest
Group 3: 70 Seconds to finish/  2:50 Minutes to rest

You will choose your group then your goal will be to finish 8 out of 8 shuttles in the required times.

Group Times: 6,7,8,9 AM, 4,5,6 PM

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