January 23, 2013

1-24-2013 (just a reminder there will be no classes Friday and Saturday so we can get the gym ready for the Garage Games. So instead of Active Recovery this is you last chance to get a WOD in for  the week if you are not competing)  Warm Up: PVC Warm Up Work Capacity: 12 Minutes Every Minute on the Minute Alternate: 12 Calorie row (10 for the women) 12 Hand release Push Ups *alternate each minute, so you will do 6 rounds of each* WOD: in 5 Minutes Complete 50 Wall Balls (20/14) Then with the remaining time Complete as many Burpees as possible  *score total Burpees* Group Times:6,7,8:30, Noon, 4,5,6 PM

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