February 15, 2013

Hey guys just wanted to give you an update on some of the changes that we are going to be making to our class times. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Once again we just want to reiterate that we believe this change will help everybody get a better quality of coaching, help you reach your fitness goals faster, and give you overall a better Crossfit experience. This is also a trail run to see how it works. If we need to make adjustments we will.

We are going to divide our athletes into 2 groups. They will be refereed to as Level 1, and Level 2.

Level 1: This can mean a variety of things. These athletes are new to Crossfit, they are probably not as efficient in the movements as our more seasoned members. These groups will also focus a little more the foundational movements themselves and allow you to become better at performing them. The programing, as far as the WOD's are concerned, will still be very, very intense but will be more fundamental, with a little less emphasis on strength and a bigger emphasis on technique work capacity.

Level 2: Experienced members. This group would be great for athletes who have a good general knowledge of all the foundational movements and can demonstrate them with proper technique.
This group should be able to move through the warm up a little faster and be able to get right to work. This group will also benefit those who are interested in competing in the local competitions, like the Garage Games, The Open, etc. This group will also put more focus on strength gains than Level 1 although that is not to say work capacity will be neglected.

You should be able to read this and know what category would work best for you. If you have any questions we can help you figure out what is best for you.

The only requirement we ask is that if you would like to participate in a Level 2 Class:

1. You must be able to preform the following with good technique. Press, Push Press, Jerk (push/split),
Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat, Dead Lift, Clean, and Snatch.

2. We would like for you to have been with us for at least 2 months so that you are comfortable with how the classes run, and so on. Exceptions can be made but please consult one of the trainers before you decide to make a change. Some athletes may only need a couple of weeks or a couple of sessions. Some may need more time.

Now what will we typical week look like?

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday classes will look like this...

6:00 AM: Level 1/Level 2
7:00 AM: Level 2
8:30 AM: Level 2
9:30 AM: Level 1

Noon: Level 2

4:00 PM: Level 1/Level 2
5:00 PM: Level 2
6:00 PM: Level 2
7:00 PM: Level 1

Wednesday, and Friday

6:00 AM: Level 1/Level 2
7:00 AM: Level 2
8:30 AM: Level 2

Noon: Level 2

4:00 PM: Level 2
5:00 PM: Level 2
6:00 PM: Level 1

The Classes that are Level1/Level 2 will have 2 coaches present, one running each class.

We still want to be as accommodating as possible. If you get in a bind and can only make it to one or the other we can make adjustments. Thank you!

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