August 8, 2012

8-9-2012 Warm Up: MSCFWU Strength: If you miss any of the previous days, please take this opportunity to establish any of the 1 rep maxes that you missed. If you have competed all of them, take this time to work on technique or any skills that you would like. WOD: 2 Rounds (for rounds) -3 Minute AMRAP- 100 Meter row (100 m = 1 round) Rest 1 minute -3 Minute AMRAP- 5 Wall Balls (20/14) 10 Box Jumps (24/20) Rest 1 minute -3 Minute AMRAP- Shuttle Run (Down and back =1) Rest 2 minutes then repeat (18 minutes of work 6 minutes of rest) Group Times: 6,7,8,9AM, Noon, 4,5,6PM

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